Monday, July 2, 2007

Magical Douchebag Conjures Obvious Puns

While he was most recently busy dedicating lame stunts to Cameron Diaz, it turns out that magician Criss Angel--a.k.a. "Mindfreak", a.k.a. Christopher Sarantakos (hmm, funny how those names get progressively less badass)--has sort of been kind of secretly married for five years and now his estranged wife is suing him for abandonment.

During a break in a court hearing on Friday, Sarantakos displayed his consummate showmanship and blazing originality when he gestured to his wife's lawyer and remarked, "I can make him disappear."

Get it? Because he's a magician! Presto shazam!

[Ed. note: pictured is an illusionist far more talented than Criss Angel.]

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