Monday, October 29, 2007

Lance Bass Chooses to Embrace Ugly Stereotype of His Own Lifestyle

Remember how, at the height of *NSYNC's popularity, any time you would hear one of their songs on the radio or stumble across one of their videos or find yourself staking out their hotel when their tour came to your town, you'd reflexively bat down any confusing feelings of pleasure and/or jealousy by remarking, "Those dudes are so gay"?

Turns out Lance Bass would have agreed with you.

Doing his part to try and reverse what little progress homosexuals have made in contemporary culture, Bass has told GQ that he once thought the majority of his bandmates were friends of Dorothy.

I understand that you've got a book to sell, Lance...but I question the wisdom in doing so at the expense of playing right into one of the biggest fears of homophobes, i.e.: Every gay person wants everyone around him to be gay so he can have gay sex with them all the time. Additionally, partnering your predictable namecheck of Justin Timberlake (in that he's the only former *NSYNC'er anybody gives a crap about anymore) with the supremely non-famous Chris Kirkpatrick (better known as Spider Head) on your "I kinda thought he was gay" list, while a somewhat clever ruse, ultimately does not distract from the reality that--just as I predicted back in March--when it comes to promoting your own relative celebrity, you know that everybody else knows exactly where your bread is buttered.

On the plus side, though, Spider Head--as evinced by his fervent participation in the above-linked Access Hollywood story--seems pretty excited that someone has actually remembered his name. So at least some joy has come from all of this.

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