Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What Is a 'Myocardial Infarcation'?

Although I'm equally if not more surprised to have learned that Alex Trebek no longer wears a mustache, most people might currently be more interested in the news that the 67-year-old "Jeopardy!" host has suffered a minor heart attack. According to Access Hollywood, Trebek is "resting comfortably in a Los Angeles hospital" and will be "back in the studio for the next scheduled tapings in January".

Funny that the report doesn't mention any possible cause of the pulmonary event. Perhaps Trebek's people don't want to admit that the constant badgering by Sean Connery finally got to the syndicated-television mainstay.

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-The Shiny Happy Mama- said...

OMG, my heart is racing!

*That's what your mother said last night, Trebek.*

People geeky enough to care about Trebek's health and what it means for their favorite game show:

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