Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Hero the Internet Deserves, but Not the One It Needs Right Now?

While Christian Bale's infamous tirade on the set of Terminator: Salvation (and its kickass dance remix) certainly appears to posit the Dark Knight star as the raging villain to put-upon cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, Radar reports that perhaps things are not what they seem in Gotham City.

According to the site, Bale's verbal assault on Hurlbut made him "a hero to cast and crew", many of whom paint a picture of the director of photography less resembling an innocent passerby and more in line with the Penguin, a condescending taskmaster prone to instructing his underlings to "stab [themselves] in the head".

WHO are the real victims here, and who is the hero?

WILL the publicity over this incident help or hurt Terminator's box office performance this summer?

WHY won't I bother to think of a third question to ask in this fashion?

Tune in next week...same bat-time, same bat--okay, I think I've pumped this well dry.

[Radar via Defamer]

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