Friday, November 2, 2007

Sox on a Plane

Full disclosure: I have been posting about the Red Sox way too much lately (I even managed to tastefully work them into a Robert Goulet obituary). After yesterday's mention of Jonathan Papelbon's less-bananas-than-expected appearance on Letterman, I figured that would be the end of the assault for a while.

No sooner has I made that prediction when, lo and behold, in my inbox arrived EXCLUSIVE! candid photos taken inside Tom Werner's plane as it transported a number of the Red Sox players from Denver to Boston following the team's World Series victory over the Colorado Rockies.

What am I supposed to do? Not post the pictures? They are "exclusive", in capital letters, and with an exclamation point. My hands are tied.

I’m pretty sure David Ortiz isn’t following FAA passenger regulations, here, but who’s going to tell him? And how did Jason Varitek get those guns past security?

Barack Obama is not averse to public displays of affection. Oh, wait--that’s Julio Lugo.

Mike Lowell, Trophy Hog.

Professional Athletes—They’re Just Like Us! They collect autographs! (Or at least the rookies do.)

Sleep tight, Kevin Youkilis. You earned your nap.

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