Tuesday, November 27, 2007

They Want You Back

Without clicking through to the article below, how many members of the Jackson Five can you name? I'll play along:

Obviously, Michael. After that, everybody knows Tito, because he had the funniest name and is the go-to reference when making fun of the obscurity of the Jacksons who aren't Michael or Janet. La Toya? No, wait, I already said Michael. I think there was a Jermaine in there...and maybe a Marlon? No--Keenan Ivory. And lastly, let's say...Action. That's five, right? Pencils down.

Time to check your score as you learn that--according to Jermaine (hey, one right so far!)--the Jackson Five is going to reunite.

(What? One of them was named "Jackie"? Jackie Jackson? That's ridiculous.)

Unless this story merely represents a desperate attempt by Jermaine to seek attention (which is unlikely because he was just on the British version of "Celebrity Big Brother", after all), fans of broke and/or allegedly child-molesting middle-aged men trying to relive their teenage years through song and dance better start clearing their calenders. As Jermaine told BBC Radio, a reunion is something that the Jackson Five "owe[s] to the public"...and that's a pretty mean thing to say about you.

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-The Shiny Happy Mama- said...

Action Jackson! LOL :-)

They owe us, eh? They can just give me the $$ that the ticket would cost and we'll call it even.