Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jaguars Get a Head Start on Rationalizing Loss to Patriots

The Jacksonville Jaguars thought it was pretty darn hilarious of them to keep an asterisk next to the New England Patriots' perfect record on their team website for the past four months--in reference to the "SpyGate" "scandal" from the first week of the season--but now that they actually have to face the Patriots in the AFC divisional playoff, they're apparently not feeling so funny anymore: on Friday, they removed the asterisk. senior editor Vic Ketchman contradictorily claims that the change was made because there was too much media coverage of the asterisk, but that the Jaguars are not retracting their position that the Patriots are cheaters. Why erase the only indicator of a position you don't want to retract just when it's becoming known to the world?

Unless, of course, the Jaguars want to hedge their bets and pretend as though they respected the Patriots all along after New England beats the hell out of them Saturday night.

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