Monday, May 19, 2008

Kansas City Royals Linked to Cancer

...In the sense that Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester has no-hit them both.

I'd imagine that Lester and his family consider the earlier victory to be far more significant in the big picture, but let's not discount the details of Monday's achievement:

- First no-hitter by a Red Sox left-hander in 52 years

- First no-hitter of the major league season

- 18th Red Sox no-hitter in history

- 2nd Red Sox no-hitter in as many seasons

- Major-league-record 4th no-hitter caught by Jason Varitek

- Only 2 walks allowed

- One-third of the outs came on strikeouts

- Lester's first career complete game

And the last person in the majors to throw a no-hitter? The Red Sox' Clay Buchholz.

Also, did I mention that Jon Lester had previously defeated cancer? My mom did the same thing once, and I used to be impressed by that...until today.

I'll resume returning your phone calls after you throw a no-no, Mom.

[Photo: Charles Krupa / AP]

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Amethystri said...

Dear Son of Mine:
Guess I won't be hearing from you in a while.
Pity. You were always such a nice boy.