Sunday, April 13, 2008

T-Shirt or Holocaust? It's All the Same to the New York Yankees.

Yankees president Randy Levine recently described a certain individual as "somebody who had really bad motives and was trying to do a really bad thing," creatively adding that the act in question was "a very, very bad act." Can you guess to whom he was referring? I guessed Hitler...but I was wrong.

Levine was actually talking about Gino Castignoli, the dude who had buried a Red Sox t-shirt--which was dug up on Sunday--underneath the new, under-construction Yankee Stadium.

It would appear that not winning one World Series since the previous century, despite having the highest payroll in all of baseball, while your archnemeses have already won two (and counting) can cause a team to lose perspective. Not to mention a lot of baseball games. (Zing!)

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