Thursday, June 12, 2008

Four Quarters to Save the World

Late in the first quarter of Thursday's Celtics-Lakers game, which I was watching on TV, I spotted a friend of mine in his highly enviable courtside seat.

"Well," I thought to myself, "even though I wasn't rubbing elbows with Larry David on Tuesday night, I'm still glad I was in attendance at that relatively competitive Celtics loss rather than at this potentially historic blowout."

Now, three quarters later, I am as desperate as ever to get my hands on a 1985 DeLorean so I can go back in time and trade tickets with that friend.

The game did indeed prove to be a historic one...but with respect to something far more significant than the Lakers' finals-record 21-point lead after the first quarter. To quote the Associated Press (via on the matter:

"No team had ever overcome more than a 15-point deficit in the first quarter, and although the league doesn't have a record for the largest rally in a finals game, the Celtics staged one that will forever be remembered in the annals of Celtics-Lakers lore."

A lesser man might be driving towards downtown Los Angeles as I write this to run around the Staples Center while dressed as a leprechaun--and that lesser man is me!

...Or at least it could be me, were it not for the facts that (1) my leprechaun costume is at the dry cleaners and (2) I've been drinking, which makes it difficult for me to multitask.

UPDATE: Elias Sports Bureau cites the Celtics' achievement as the biggest NBA Finals rally since 1971.

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