Sunday, June 8, 2008

There Can Only Be Zero Excuses for Not Dressing Them in Regular Shirts

I'm as excited as the next guy that the Celtics and the Lakers are once again facing off in the NBA Finals after 21 years (I'm especially excited that the Celtics gained a 2-0 series lead on Sunday). I'm excited that Larry Bird and Magic Johnson--the two players who, to anyone from my generation, define the Boston-L.A. rivalry--are on board the promotional train. But somehow, these two exciting events have coalesced to form something I'm very much not excited about:

Overweight middle-aged men in tank tops.

What gives, NBA? Were you afraid that people might not recognize Bird and Magic out of the uniforms that they haven't worn in about two decades? If so, your plan backfired. My initial reaction upon seeing the above commercial was: "Put a shirt on, Dad"...followed by: "You, too, my dad's black friend."

(...followed by: "Hey, my dad has a black friend! The times, they are a-changin'!")

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