Monday, April 27, 2009

"BOS! TON! SU-aaah, We Probably Should've Started This Chant Earlier."

I dislike the "[OPPOSING TEAM] SUCK[S]!" chant that is so prevalent at Major League Baseball games. It's crass, it's unoriginal, and--because its popularity can be directly traced to "YANKEES SUCK!"--I find it particularly embarrassing as a Red Sox fan. My enjoyment of it only ever takes place retroactively--and then only ironically--after its occurrence has been hilariously ill-timed.

Pay close attention to the first second of audio in the following clip:

What you've got there is manna from heaven against uncreative sports fans.


Coggblogger said...

Nope, can't hear what you're talking about.

Johnny said...

@Coggblogger: Neither could Jason Bay, apparently.