Monday, April 13, 2009

NBC Affiliate's Integrity Struck, Killed by Antique Car

When WHDH-TV in Boston announced that it would be airing local news at 10 p.m. instead of Jay Leno's as-yet-undefined suckfest, it was a proud moment for the city of Boston and a nice little kick in the pants to the deeply unfunny Leno--a native of Andover, Ma.--for his refusal to retire gracefully.

Nothing lasts forever, though (save for, apparently, Jay Leno's cock-a-roach of a television career)...and in the case of WHDH's halcyon days of integrity, the total came out to 11: on Monday the station officially surrendered to its corporate overlord and acquiesced to publicly embracing the network's unkillable jester.

Adding insult to injury, WHDH owner Ed Ansin was compelled to release a humiliating statement saying that "he enjoys Leno's humor".

For god's sake, NBC--why didn't you just hang the poor bastard in the public square?


Coggblogger said...

You're being too hard on Jay, and I know I'm a huge pussy for defending him, but I'm gonna anyway. He's not that bad, and has some good segments on the show. And you don't retire gracefully when you're still at the top of your game and doing huge numbers.

Johnny said...

While I disagree with your assertion, Coggblogger, that the Jay Leno "Tonight Show" has any good segments, I happen to think that Leno--in addition to being a good person--is, outside of the TV show, a talented comedian. But he long ago sacrificed his true abilities and allowed himself to be watered down solely for the sake of those huge numbers. My respect for the art of comedy is precisely why I am critical towards the man.