Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Molly Ivins, Last Non-Stereotypical Texan, has Died

Columnist and author Molly Ivins, who was a walking contradiction in that she was an outspoken, well-known Texan and not a gun-toting, Bible-thumping, pro-Bush crazy person, succumbed to a lengthy battle with breast cancer Wednesday evening at the age of 62. Although technically she was a California native (she moved to Houston with her family when she was a young girl), Ivins, with her colorful criticisms of the Iraq War, stood as a shining example of everything George W. Bush wants the rest of the world to think Texas (and, let's be honest, America) isn't. If you happen to be a Texan who isn't a yee-haw nutbag, the passing of Molly Ivins ought to make you particularly sad.

(On a side note, I'm concerned that my blog hasn't even been in existence for 48 hours and it already contains 2 obituaries. I hope that blind shaman wasn't right about me being a curse on the world--I've got five bucks riding on that bet.)


spidergirl24 said...

Two stellar Texans pass away within a year's time. The unsinkable Molly Ivins, may you rest in peace. You won't be forgotten.

Adam Crossland said...

It's YOUR fault, Johnny. Stop this blogging thing immediately before other great Americans pass away.

Unless you can think of a way to blog-to-death Rush Limbaugh.

Johnny said...

You found me! That was fast.

Sandy Knauer said...

I haven't finished mourning Peter Jennings, so I don't know how I am going to deal with adding Molly Ivins to that heavy place in my heart. The only thing that might ease the loss is if you pick up where she left off, Johnny.

I like Adam's suggestion. If you can blog-to-death Rush Limbaugh, you will definately be my hero.

Madame Donna C. said...

Blog On! Tag you're it! I found you. I'll miss Molly.

Adam said...

> You found me! That was fast.

I got madd stalking skill3z. I'm thinking of adopting the moniker "Stalk Diddy."