Tuesday, March 6, 2007

John Rocker Hates the Jews but Loves the Juice

Former major league relief pitcher (and current, uh...streaming video entrepreneur?) John Rocker might not like homosexuals, Hispanics, Asians, women, black people, the overweight, Jews, hair dye, the 7 train, or batteries, but one shouldn't take that to mean that there's nothing the all-purpose bigot doesn't not like--or at least doesn't hate. For example, he's allegedly been known to enjoy the occasional illegal performance-enhancing substance.

According to an SI.com exclusive report on an ongoing steroid sting in Florida, between April and July of 2003 Rocker received two prescriptions for somatropin (the human growth hormone). Rocker--who is named among several other athletes in the SI.com story--has denied this allegation, but I don't know why he's even bothering when the evidence speaks for him: during the aforementioned time period, John Rocker was limping to the end of his major league career with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Nothing about that situation says "enhanced" to me.

Even if there's merit to the claim against Rocker, the SI.com article points out that "the clients [of the Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center and other clinics suspected to be suppliers of performance-enhancing drugs] appearing on invoices and customer lists are unlikely to face prosecution, because the targets of the raids and investigations are the members of the network of suppliers". So any way you slice it, Rocker's in the clear...and he can keep his focus on his burgeoning career selling racist t-shirts alongside Ms. Bikini Universe 2004. You really can't keep a good man down.

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Sandy Knauer said...

It was good for me to see this. Now, I know my daughter didn't date the biggest loser on earth. It looks like a close tie.