Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Zach Braff Now Making Charlie Sheen Money

Just last night, I was driving down Vine Street when I passed a billboard promoting NBC's Thursday night comedy lineup and it occurred to me that Zach Braff seems to think that he's way more famous than he actually is. Given that he stars in a TV show no one watches and has appeared in two feature films that no one saw, he is probably best known for listening to music.

Apparently, though, Braff's powerful self-delusion has taken hold of ABC TV Studio, who has handed him a $350,000-per-episode contract for a seventh season of "Scrubs". The deal makes Braff one of the highest-paid male actors in television, putting him in the ranks of "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen--with whom there is no way this is going to sit well. (Sure, neither of their shows is funny, but at least people actually watch the latter.)

While this is all good news for Braff, his agent, his real estate agent, his preferred car dealer, and the entirely hypothetical fanbase of "Scrubs", now that the actor has a no doubt reinvigorated commitment to his television career, there is one group of people greatly in danger of being left out in the cold:

Fans of movies where Zach Braff looks mopey while the Shins play.

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Jesse said...

What the hell? So the Ma-Sheen screwed all those call girls for nothing? Braff now gets paid the same amount without doing any of the work? This town gets me down sometimes....