Friday, March 9, 2007

Kate Winslet Wins Money from Magazine That Implied She Wasn't as Hot as She Could Possibly Be

Kate Winslet is totally hot and hates magazines, and now she's richer for both.

After the British glossy Grazia (which I assume is like Us but with the word "humor" spelled incorrectly) ran a story that Winslet had visited a diet doctor--a move that would appear to contradict the 31-year-old actress' outspoken stance against Hollywood's fixation with ultra-thinness--she sued the magazine for libel, and now she's getting paid. Turns out that Winslet's visit to the Chinese Healing Institute in Santa Monica, CA, was regarding a neck injury and not her weight.

Suck on that, Grazia. You don't step to the hotness that is Kate Winslet and expect to not get burned. Although there is one aspect of this story that I find somewhat confusing:

If Winslet doesn't read celebrity glossies--going so far as to, as she claims, refuse to have magazines in general in her did she even know about the Grazia story in the first place?

I should work for Scotland Yard.


david santos said...

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ital1234 said...

When Kate went to the 2007 BAFTA awards, a reporter/jouralist told her about it and asked what her thoughts were. Kate got really upset so she looked into it.