Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sweep the Leg

Europeans really do take their soccer seriously. For example, during a recent match in Berlin, a 42-year-old German spectator was so enraged by a foul that took place that he ran out on to the field (or "pitch", if you want to be all soccer-y about it) and took out the offending player with a karate kick before attempting to further beat the hell out of him.

The player in question? An eight-year-old.

A police spokesman in the town of Hassoch, where the incident took place, theorized that the man was related to the kid who had been fouled, but stated that "it [wasn't] entirely clear".

I'm kind of hoping that the guy wasn't related to anybody involved with the game (after all, parents turning violent at children's sporting events is practically to be expected these days), and that he's just a really big fan of boys' soccer. And also maybe a ninja.

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