Friday, March 9, 2007

Me vs. My Page-A-Day Mensa Puzzle Calendar - 03/09/07

QUESTION: "1) Take a word that means 'to rupture' and change on letter to find a word that means 'austere.'

"2) Take a word that means 'to mount,' and change one letter to find the word for a weather area."

MY ANSWER: "1) Every time I see the word 'austere', all I can think about is Paul Auster and why I haven't read more of his books even though he seems like my kind of author. Pass. 2) Seeing 'mount' and 'weather' together only makes me think 'mountain'...and maybe also of super-fake-named meteorologist Johnny Mountain. Pass."

ACTUAL ANSWER: "1) break, bleak 2) climb, clime"

CONSENSUS: I was going to come back to this one.

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