Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vitaminwater Leaves Urlacher $100,000 Thirstier

Continuing the Chicago Bears' storied tradition of promoting non-NFL-sanctioned sponsors at Super Bowl-related events and being forced to pay handsomely for the indiscretion, linebacker Brian Urlacher has been fined $100,000 for wearing a vitaminwater cap (as in baseball, not bottle--that would've just been silly) and drinking the advertised beverage during the media day leading up to the most recent NFL title game.

Gatorade is the official beverage of the NFL and, apparently, nobody--no matter how tough he might think he is--fucks with Gatorade.

This incident marks the first time that a fine of such magnitude has been levied (Jim McMahon was hit with a comparatively measly $5000 charge for a similar offense back in 1986), although $100,000 is the current standard. What's crazy is that the same violation brings with it a fine of $10,000 during the regular season, but 50 grand during the Pro Bowl. Five times the amount for a game that that is probably viewed by about a fifth as many people? I guess the NFL has to make up for lost revenue somewhere.

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