Thursday, April 19, 2007

What Did the Chinese Dissident Say When He Received an Electric Shock to the Genitals?

If you think search engine companies are competitive in America, you ought to check out the action in China. In order to try and stay ahead there, Yahoo Inc. has opted not to settle for merely censoring its users--as Google and Microsoft have done--instead going the extra mile by directly assisting the government in the arrest of dissidents.

Seeing as the current Chinese policy for treatment of nonconformists usually involves slightly more than a slap on the wrist (see post title), the World Organization for Human Rights USA (whose acronym, when spoken aloud, would sound something like "War USA", which is kind of interesting) is claiming that by being complicit in the arrests of Chinese citizens, Yahoo is also complicit in their torture.

Yahoo's defense against this campaign is that its employees would face civil and criminal sanctions if they ignored local laws.

In other words: "We don't want our American-based nuts getting fried, so we're offering up some Chinese ones in their stead while continuing to profit greatly from the owners of the latter nuts."

Say what you will about the ethics of that policy, but you can't deny that it's good business sense. Hooray for the marriage of communism and capitalism!

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