Saturday, April 14, 2007

Racism? In Germany?

The German military currently finds itself in hot water, now that a 2006 video featuring an army instructor motivating a soldier's bloodlust by ordering him to pretend that he's in the presence of black people has aired on national television.

The video--in which the instructor says to the soldier, "You are in the Bronx. A black van is stopping in front of you. Three African-Americans are getting out and they are insulting your mother in the worst ways. … Act."--has sparked outrage in America, notably among Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion Jr. and Al Sharpton (who stands a living example of one of racism's worst effects: if it involves black people, it's going to get Al Sharpton on TV), with many calling for disciplinary action from the German government.

Beyond the mere existence of the video--which is reprehensible in and of itself--what it is perhaps the most shocking aspect of this story is that it came from Germany. Germany! A country that to this point had boasted an absolutely squeaky-clean reputation in terms of racist or bigoted behavior! Though I may not be an expert in world history, I cannot think of a single instance where Germany has ever been associated with racism. And I'm pretty sure that I would know if such a thing had ever occurred, because I was home-schooled. By wolves.


Daniel said...

one of friends on EbonyFriends. com read this article and told me it . We are suprised this story was from Germany.

Stevo said...

Ah, home schoolin'. And wolves no less.

In the words of The Partridge Family, "I think I love you."