Wednesday, April 18, 2007

'The Hanukkah Song' Is About to Become Dated

With his announcement that the Seattle SuperSonics will likely relocate to another city after the 2007-2008 season, I'm not sure that Sonics majority owner Clay Bennett realizes just how far-reaching the damaging effects of such a move could be.

Obviously, it wouldn't make the homegrown Seattle fans happy; ever since Bennett bought the team last year, they've been worried that he would transplant it to his former stomping grounds of Oklahoma, and now that fear is closer than ever to becoming a reality. More importantly, though, once the "SuperSonukkah" are no longer in Seattle, Adam Sandler's original "Hanukkah Song" isn't going to make any sense (never mind the question of whether or not Bennett is Jewish--the rhyme scheme is all that matters)--so there goes the Holiday Season.

But the unequivocally worst ramification of a Sonics departure from Seattle is that the twenty-year-old case of "The Silent Assassin", who terrorized the city on and off between 1986 and 1999--only striking during Sonics games--will likely remain forever unsolved.

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