Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I thought Lakers head coach Phil Jackson lived crazy healthy, with vegetarianism and yoga and puka shells and the like. So how the hell did he end up not having to get just one, but both of his hips replaced in a span of eight months?

Perhaps it's job stress that has damaged his physical well-being. If nothing else, at least Jackson is still in better shape than his team!

Heh? Right? 'Cause I heard they haven't been doing so well lately?

(To be perfectly honest, I actually don't follow the NBA all that closely anymore. Do the Lakers still have Greg Kite? That guy was a rainmaker.)

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scott said...

Yo, johnny. it's jake (also in L.A.) from the long gone Gather days. I've been reading your comments on Defamer for awhile but never checked out your Blog.

Nice blog. Peace.