Thursday, June 28, 2007

They're Bigger Than Lip-Syncing Jesus

For six long years, the world has been without music. In December, the deafening silence will finally be broken...when the Spice Girls go back on tour! [Ed. note: Girl Power!]

While Ginger Spice is implicitly trying to take credit for disbanding the group back in 2001 (she left in 1998 and the Spice Girls' one Gingerless album, 2000's Forever, did not sell very spicily), making the reunion all about her by likening the four other Spices to a collective husband she's been divorced from, you may be a bit surprised to learn who was the one true holdout:

According to ABC News, it was Sporty Spice, who remarked about the reunion, "I've always said, 'I don't want to do it.'"

Sporty Spice was the one who needed to be talked into this? Not Married-to-David-Beckham Spice, Eddie-Murphy-Paternity-Suit Spice, or the aforementioned Pretended-to-be-Princess-Diana-for-a-While Spice? (I would have even pegged Not-Much-Going-On-Either-But-at-Least-Way-More-Attractive-Than- Sporty-Spice Spice as somewhat less motivated to get back on the horse.) You think you know the Spice Girls...

In any event, the important thing is that the ladies will soon be entertaining the world (or at least 11 cities) again with their signature brand of high-kicks and flexing and jumping up and down while some songs play.

(Also, they're re-releasing their movie.)

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