Monday, June 18, 2007

PAT COYLE UPDATE: Pat Coyle Has Noticed That People Noticed Pat Coyle

As I mentioned a mere two posts ago, I've fallen head over heels for the poet/Indianapolis Colts' Executive Director of Digital Business Pat Coyle.

It was a piece on Deadspin that blessedly brought Coyle into my life, and the attention that it unexpectedly thrust upon the ever-demure Coyle's blog has compelled the man himself to respond with his signature mix of unshakable vanillatude and needless exclamation points.

In his post from Friday, Coyle helpfully includes a screenshot of a site traffic chart from Google Analytics to illustrate how the previous day's offering "generated more buzz than anything [he's] ever posted". (While it appears that the level of "buzz" generated by all of Coyle's other writings amounts to approximately none whatsoever, you still can't accuse the man of lying.)

When I first read, on Coyle's blog, the words "a few bloggers had strong opinions about the story I told", my pace quickened as I could not suppress the instinctive hope that my muse would include me on his ensuing shortlist of "favorites". Alas, Coyle opted to tip his hat to, aside from Deadspin, a bible thumper (whose "strong opinion" amounted to "I liked the part when Pat Coyle talked about God"), a fellow white-collar soldier whose blog makes Coyle's look like The Brothers Karamazov, a guy who made fun of Sinbad...and no one else.

I made fun of Sinbad, Pat! How is it, then, that I didn't earn the commendation from you that I so desperately crave?

If my broken heart could speak, it might, fittingly enough, quote the very words you used in response to some of the "negative" comments directed your way on Deadspin:

"Yikes. It's like playing with fire!"

Yikes, indeed, Pat Coyle. Yikes, indeed.


Douglas Karr said...

As a good friend of Pat's, I can assure you that he'll laugh A LOT at your most recent posts. I sure did.

Johnny said...

Props from a friend of Pat Coyle (a good friend, no less)! I'm getting warmer...

Rebecca said...

Oh, thank Goddess. I first saw the link to this and I thought your crush was on this Pat Coyle, which would have confused and disgusted me.