Monday, June 11, 2007

"I Went Ahead and Ordered Some for the Table."

Some people were disappointed by it, but last night's series finale of "The Sopranos" made me feel quite vindicated, for I've said since the show's beginning that it was, at its core, about one thing above all else:


The deliciousness of onion rings.

(But seriously, spoiler alert. Don't watch the clip below if you haven't watched the final episode yet but plan to, AND you don't have a computer with internet access. But then how are you reading this? Crazy.)

UPDATE: "This video is no longer available," HBO? My TiVo says otherwise! I gave the whole episode "Save Until I Delete" status, just to drive you mad with impotent rage over the fact that I can watch it again and again and again...but I only paid for it once! Technically!

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Janna said...

You're right, it was about the deliciousness of onion rings. I ordered onion rings the other night and the waiter went off on a long analysis of the Sopranos finale before he took the rest of my order.