Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Crazy Like a Butterfly

Back when Mike Tyson was in his fighting prime, everyone knew before he stepped into the ring that he was going to beat the living hell out of his opponent--the only question was how quickly.

Even though Iron Mike has long sinced moved on from professional boxing to become a full-time lunatic, he has retained some of the mystery from his days as the world's greatest pugilist. Yes, it's easy to assume that every move he makes publicly will be batshit insane...but there is absolutely no way to guess what direction it will come from.

Case in point? Tyson's recent announcement that he is going to act in Bollywood (not to mention the fact that he kind of sort of already has (see clip)).

Try as we might, there's no predicting the route this guy's crazy train will take next. Let's give the man his due and wait for, say...the Indian live-action film adaptation of "Punch-Out!!"*

[Ed. note: Is that idea ridiculous or awesome? I'd better call my agent just to be safe.]

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