Thursday, February 15, 2007

Father Tags In His Love (Featuring Joe Scarborough Narration!)

With stories of fathers pushing their sons too far in sports practically being a staple of our culture, one can easily lose sight of the phenomenon's inspiring flipside: the men who are so dedicated to protecting their kin from the dangers of physical competition that they won't hesitate to injure other children in their cause.

Take, for example, the heartwarming tale (which, perhaps fittingly, broke on Valentine's Day) of Illinois resident Ray Hoffman--part-time wrestling coach and candidate for World's Greatest Dad--who, when his son was being pinned in a wrestling match, bounded into the ring and body-slammed the offending 11-year-old.

Here's to you, Ray, for breaking the stereotype of the American sports father.

[BONUS: Don't ask why the above YouTube clip of this incident includes the low-level audio from a totally unrelated "Scarborough Nation" broadcast; just immerse yourself in the soothing dichotomy.]

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suaros said...

This is used now as training video at WWE headquarters to show tag team recruits how it’s really done. The wrestling move has yet to be named, like, the Hoffman Juvenile Projectile or Gloria Allred Line Three.