Friday, February 16, 2007

Scottie Pippen Also Second Banana to Michael Jordan in Fake Retirements

Michael Jordan is returning to the NBA!

Remember how exciting it was when you heard that news (the first time, anyway--not the Washington Wizards time)? Well, prepare to be much, much less excited...because Jordan's former shadow-holder with the Chicago Bulls, Scottie Pippen, is doing the same thing! Maybe!

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Pippen is considering making a comeback and has expressed hope that he would be able to join a playoff contender (one has to assume that this contingency is motivated by a desire to win an NBA title for the seventh time and make it into a few pictures of the event for the first). The 41-year-old plans to display how much he's got left in the tank when he participates in the "Shooting Stars" contest as part of the All-Star festivities this weekend in Las Vegas.

If Pippen really wants to show off his skills, he ought to enter the Slam Dunk contest and impress the judges--including Michael Jordan--with a spectacular move that no one has ever accomplished before...maybe like dunking from the foul line. That'd be something to remember Scottie by.

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