Thursday, February 15, 2007

Me vs. My Page-A-Day Mensa Calendar - 02/15/07

QUESTION: "If a bottle with a deposit costs $1.10, and the bottle costs a dollar more than the deposit, how much is the bottle worth?"

MY ANSWER: "$0.10"

ACTUAL ANSWER "$1.05 (no, not $1.10)"

CONSENSUS: While it's good to see that you've significantly raised your game since yesterday, Mensa calendar, I must protest to the vagueness of this question. When you ask "how much is the bottle worth?", one can reasonably assume that you mean to the purchaser, who--after initially paying $1.10 for a bottle then receiving $0.10 on the deposit return (which I think is what you're saying)--would have ultimately paid only a dollar, thus making the bottle worth ten cents to him (perhaps more, depending on the deliciousness of the beverage it had once contained). In short--I'm confused.

Also...what's up with the smugness of your answer? It's only mid-February; I don't think you've yet earned the right to talk me like that.

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