Thursday, February 8, 2007

Ron Artest Must Love (Not Feeding) Dogs

You would think that Sacramento Kings forward and model citizen Ron Artest (pictured charging into the stands to attack a fan in Detroit when he was a member of the Indiana Pacers in 2004) would be great at taking care of animals, or at least not have been visited seven times since July by animal control officers due to complaints from neighbors that his dogs weren't being taken proper care of, or at the very least not had his dogs impounded for a total of 77 days over that same period.

If you thought these things, you'd be wrong.

The latest showcase of Artest's mad skillz in the field of animal care came on Sunday, when animal control officers took possession of his Great Dane--whom Artest calls "Socks" but the president of Friends of Placer County Animal Shelter Rosemary Frieborn more colorfully describes as "a rack of bones"--because he wasn't feeding it. In defense of his actions, Artest stated, "I love my dogs and think they should be able to live (as) freely as possible".

Way to be, Ron. Unlike most nancypants pet owners, you understand that for an animal to truly be free, it has to be left alone for days at a time without food to fend for itself. And if they should happen to die as a result, that just means that they didn't appreciate their freedom.


Justin said...

I think that dogs definitely should be allowed to have their share of freedom....

Sandy Knauer said...

I think those might be some patriotic dogs now, willing to give up a few freedoms in order to make this a safer country.