Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jennifer Lopez Saves the World

Sure, stories have abounded for years that Jennifer Lopez is cruel, demanding, and an attention-hogging devil woman...but the same people who are so quick to point out those facts always forget one thing:

J-Lo is famous, and is therefore a better person than you.

Amnesty International understands this, and that's why today they honored Lopez with a human rights award. For propriety's sake, the organization's official explanation for singling out Jenny From the Block as an "Artist for Amnesty" is her work on Bordertown, an upcoming film that examines the murders of women in a Mexican border city...but I notice that Antonio Banderas, Martin Sheen and director Gregory Nava--all of whom were also involved in the film in question--remain conspicuously award-less for their efforts.

The completely reasonable explanation? They're just not famous enough. (Also, none of them ever battled an Anaconda.)

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