Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kerry Wood is Fall Apart Rabbit

Chicago Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood has apparently decided to give Ken Griffey, Jr. a run for his money in his quest to become the World's Most Injured Professional Baseball Player. After gradually decomposing over the past three seasons--culminating in his only making four starts last year and thus limiting his opportunities to hurt himself--Wood has savvily raised his injury game by expanding it beyond the baseball diamond, most recently having gone ahead and threatened his career by falling out of a hot tub.

It's a move that shows great forward thinking on Wood's part: Now that his right shoulder injury has become such a problem that he's being converted to a relief pitcher for the upcoming season, he knows that he's not going to be getting in as many innings as he did when he was a starter--which translates to fewer chances for bodily harm. With "Mr. Glass" Griffey, Jr. able to get himself on the DL for months at a time with barely more than a stiff breeze, Wood knows that he's going to have to get creative to stay competitive...and this hot tub incident could be just a preview of much more ridiculous injuries to come.

[Ed. note: I was disinclined to post back-to-back rabbit-centric stories, but once I had found out about this guy, I just couldn't resist.]

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