Friday, February 16, 2007

Publicist Expects Us to Believe Ricky Martin Knows What 'Promulgate' Means

With Ricky Martin defending flipping the bird at a mention of George W. Bush during a recent concert in San Juan, the media seems to think that the story is the Puerto Rican singer's change of position on Bush (he performed at the president's 2001 inauguration ball) and his admirable conviction to speak out against the Iraq War.

But the real point of interest here (insofar as anything involving Ricky Martin can be deemed "interesting")? The email to the Associated Press explaining Martin's actions, ostensibly dictated by the man behind "Livin' la Vida Loca", contains the word "promulgate."

Not only did Ricky Martin's publicity team shatter their own espoused reality by attributing a five-dollar word to a former member of Menudo, they also completely wasted any attempt to send a message to George W. Bush. How could anyone possibly think that he would know what "promulgate" means? The minute you elevate a conversation from the realm of obscene gestures, you've taken it right out of the president's wheelhouse.

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