Thursday, February 22, 2007

David Ortiz Eats Trucks, Manny Ramirez Sells Cars

In case there's any question as to how David Ortiz manages to continually strengthen his already near-suffocating bear hug on the hearts, minds and first-born children of Boston Red Sox fans while Manny Ramirez only further alienates himself from them every season (until he inevitably goes on a tear--then all is forgiven until next time), two stories that have come out of the Sox spring training camp illuminate the dichotomy perfectly:

Manny was given permission from the team to report late to camp for "family reasons"...and it now turns out that his definition of "family" might include his 1967 four-door Lincoln Continental Sedan convertible, as he's scheduled to appear at the Atlantic City Classic Cars Auction on Saturday, where the item is being sold. Way to be committed to the team, Manny (not to mention your post-op mother, whom you used as an excuse).

Ortiz, meanwhile, didn't have to travel to Atlantic City for his vehicular needs--he was handed the keys to a Toyota Tundra TRD just for showing up at camp yesterday. But that's not the interesting part: Big Papi later referred to the truck as "his breakfast" [fifth paragraph].

So not only did David Ortiz make it to spring training on time (early, technically)--unlike his space cadet counterpart--the Red Sox gave him a truck...and he ate it. How can anyone not love that guy?

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